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Carrot is the UK’s premiere drag and cabaret vegetable. They create live performance that is very very good for you; enriching your life with queer joy, colour and expression.  

As a confident compere and skilled singer, they have a strong CV of past experience performing in venues and events of all shapes and sizes - from tiny basement bars to the West End's Apollo Theatre. 

Their practice is about creating joy for the sake of joy and they take silliness very seriously. Whilst doing this, their work aims to uplift and platform the global majority, the queer community and, where possible, embed access from the roots (pun intended).  

Carrot is based in East London, and as well as performing across the capital, they spend a lot of time producing drag and cabaret shows in and out of queer venues. Most notably Carrot has produced The Enby Show, Gallifrey Cabaret, A Night in Springfield and more... 


They have a large back catalogue of songs and performance styles on their repertoire - from dramatic musical theatre renditions, to comedy character lipsyncs, to sing-along camp tunes, they have a song to suit every scenario. They are used to hosting and warming crowds of all sizes and types, from intimate cabaret, to enormous stages at festivals or prides. You name it, they have a number that would fit.


Bingo is one of Carrot's favourite things to run, and they have a unique bingo setup that they have designed and developed, including camp numbers and activities/games, and it fits well into many different scenarios. As well as doing this for adults around many different venues, Carrot works a lot with CLIP Theatre to deliver Bring Baby Drag Bingo to the parents of south London. 

Going forward, they are developing more solo practice with live playing on piano (including original comedy songs), and they are developing a solo drag show for children which they are hoping to tour in 2023. 


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